Best Free and Open Source Learning Management System Software

Learning Management Solutions are used by professionals and companies who are undertaking eLearning classes and courses for a high level of education. It is normal for companies to offer learning courses for the existing employees and hunt for new talents within the organization. Learning Management Systems (LMS) are powerful tools that help the companies to track, manage, and create eLearning courses for their employees. The free and open-source code LMS software are apt choices for companies of any size. They can use the source code, make relevant changes, and distribute among their peers. the source code is accessible to everyone and hence the companies can make changes according to the needs.

What is Learning Management Systems?

The LMS is the advanced software solutions for the organizations who facilitate and offer e-learning programs to their employees for betterment and enhancement of their knowledge in the field. LMS works for all kinds of devices and can be used to deploy educational and training programs in groups for the companies.

Here are five free and open source Learning Management System solutions

1. Moodle

Moodle is a comprehensive LMS solution for enterprise learning and training needs. The applications allow the users to generate and launch courses, keep track of virtual classes, and generate certificates at the end of the term. The application is very useful for mass enrollment and nearly 50% authentication. Moodle is developed to handle group studies, mass enrolment, and monitor the virtual classes with the analytic tools. With Moodle, the companies can monitor and track large groups, track their productivity and activities. The system comes with advanced grading features that will track the progress of the learners and provide online real-time feedback. The system helps to identify the competencies of the group and also generates personal learning plans for the management level of employees.


  • Easy to use Interface
  • Integrated collaborative tools and calendar
  • The capability of multiple languages
  • Tracking and monitoring of peers
  • Self-assessment tools

2. FormaLMS

FormaLMS is known well in the corporate world for deploying and managing online learning courses launched by the companies for their employees. The application is user friendly and easy to use. The LMS is designed with powerful tools to cater to the need of the companies for integrity, managing talent management within the organization, and automated tasks of assessment and grading system. Learning is a critical step for the company to stay competitive and ahead of everyone. FormaLMS enables them to create and manage e-learning courses that are required in today’s competitive world. FormaLMS can handle multiple clients and courses with a single click install. It provides instant results and grades for the assessment. The application also manages the different classrooms at the same time with different course mentors. It is a complete set of tools for the training managers and helps them to identify talented managers within the organization.


  • Responsive Layout
  • Manage and control courses with a tracking system and SCORM compatibility
  • Automatic certificate generation
  • Create and launch Webinars
  • Flexible user management


ILIAS is a free and open-source Learning Management System Software that makes imparting, tracking, and grading of e-learning courses online. With flexible features and an online learning platform, it is a one-stop solution for all corporate training and educational needs. The application has advanced collaborative tools that make ILIAS a complete solution for online learning courses. Companies and institutions compiling web-based learning courses, find ILIAS a helpful tool. The application can be used by large enterprises and even by the freelancers. The access management in the ILIAS LMS system ensures that the access granted to the courses is valid and not false positive. The responsive layout allows drag and drops the film to the LMS system without the need for the email or other file sharing apps. All the communications can be done on a single platform. ILIAS enables the education process in mass study groups. The customizable training tools offer a wide range of standard learning and tracking tools.


  • It is compliance with SCORM
  • Elearning Companies collaborations
  • Built-in course authors
  • Self-registration and self-assessment tools
  • Automated grading system

4. Opigno

Opigno is a DRUPAL based free LMS software that is designed not only for corporates but also for freelancers and education institutions. With the new demand for the online training and learning courses, Opigno helps students and partners of the company to remain up to date with the online courses. The scalable LMS systems like Opigno are used by many organizations and companies for making management of e-learning and training courses easy and effective. Opigno has its presence in more than 8000 entities which scale to small as well as large multinational corporations. The application design supports enrollment from any all kinds of the industry including- medical, luxury goods, and giant service sectors. Opigno also ensures that fast and reliable customer support is made available to the clients and provides easy access to tools and features of the software.


  • Training management through thoughtful exams and assessment tests
  • Integrated collaborative tools
  • Flexible Assets Management
  • Customizable global tools
  • Advanced reporting tools

5. OpenOLAT

OpenOLAT is a Free learning management system that makes learning/ training management easy and practical. The interface of the software is intuitive and simple to use. The application is also bundled with modular tools for the course authors with a wide range of educational possibilities. Since the application is free and open-source, the companies can make the changes in the source code and extend the functionality. With OpenOLAT you can assign, assess, learn, and communicate with the group of learners. The management of educational groups and courses is easy with this LMS Software as it ensures that all the necessary tools and features of LMS are in one place. The comprehensive LMS Software is built with state of the art technology for helping the field of self-development and educational needs.


  • Regulation of Personal Settings
  • Incorporated sets of questions and grading techniques
  • Creation and management of learning groups
  • Contains around 30 different course elements
  • Enables mobile eLearning
Closing Thoughts! An open-source learning management system for the business is a good way to keep employees busy with education and keep them ahead of the competition. The mentioned free LMS software is suggestive in nature and not comprehensive.

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